Monday, July 11, 2011

BSNL 3G speed in 2G plan

To get 3G speed in 2G plan first recharge with any 2G plan like 98-3GB data ,270-10GB
now recharge with 14RS GPRS pack in this u will get 200MB for 3 days ..Now after 3days when 14Rs pack will expire u will get the 3G speed but 14RS recharge must be made after 98 or 240 or 270 recharge
for 3days u will get 2G speed after that 27days u will get 3G speed
i have tested on 3 bsnl no
Hllo friends RS14 is a 2G gprs pack not 3g as restriction breaks as system picks up the latest gprspack validity but i does not effect previous pack validity and u will get 3G speed rest 27days days
Keep in mind both packs are 2G so there is no chance of data lose its working perfectly
Brief explanation

Today Suppose you have recharged with 98-3GB 2G pack now recharge with 14RS 2g pack it is valid for 3days as u have previosly recharged with 98 so it will one month validity but after 3days u will see u will start receiving 3G speed as system picks up the last recharged gprs validity but ur one month validity will not b effected


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