Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Netflix for Android gets first HD streaming certification, Texas Instruments accepts your applause


Texas Instruments just called First!... on Netflix, that is. The Watch Instantly app for Android has an HD streaming future coming soon to OMAP 4-equipped devices thanks to the SoC's inbuilt security measures.

The announcement marks the first time anyNetflix partner has received 'Netflix Silicon Reference Implementation certification,' a clumsily-titled, yet essential requirement for end-to-end protection of mobile streamed 1080p content. The chip's M-Shield security tech "runs on the OMAP processor [without the need for] a dedicated chip or extra CPU cycles," so you're free to multi-task that dual-core (we assume) to its breaking point. And because you can never be too safe, TI's also thrown in its onboard WiLink 7.0 solution -- an industry first -- that makes use of WEP, WPA and WPA2 to keep the unsecured funny business at bay. The only downside to all this joyous high-definition news: it only runs on Gingerbread, so current LG Optimus 3D owners are out of luck until things get up to speed. Hit the break for some densely-worded silicon accolades.


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