Saturday, July 2, 2011

Google Plus Review by Akshay Aggarwal

Google has unveiled its new project Google+. Which many people think is its answer to Facebook. So What exactly is Google+? Google+ is a project which turns Google into one giant social network. Google+ contains some new innovative features. I got an Google+ invitation so decided to test it and share the experience and features with my readers. Here are all the features of Google+ :
First of all lets talk about the design. Google+ has a simple design with lots of white space. Overall the looks are simple and only a few people might find is boring design.

Google+ Stream
It is similar to Facebook news feed. You can share you thoughts, photos, videos and much more by streaming it to various groups. You can even stream or share the content or links with the users who are not using Google+ by emailing them.
Google+ CIrcles
This is a one of the good features which is present in Google+. Google+ Circles allows you to create groups or lists of people which is far more easier than creating Facebook Friend List or Twitter List. It features a drag and drop functionality to add people to a specific group.  By Default there are 4 Groups namely Friends, Family, Acquaintances and Following. But you can create more such groups and add people to it accordingly. This can really help in sharing of information with specific group. For instance you can create a group College and share information with only Members of Group College. Though it is similar to Facebook groups but sharing is more simpler since while streaming only you are given an option to share with specific groups or to share will everyone.
Google+ Profiles
Google+ profile uses and import your existing data from Your Google Account. Your profile contains tabs like post, about , photos, videos and much more. More or less its similar to Facebook profiles.
Google+ Hangout
Google+ Hangout is one of the innovative feature which allows you to have fun with all your circles using  webcam. When you start a hangout with a circle a post is published published on your wall which allows more users to join the hangout.
Google+ Mobile
Google+ is also available for your mobile and for more information check Google+ For Mobile.
Google+ Photos
When you join Google+ it will import your photos from you Picasa account which you can share with your friends. You can upload and share new photos with everyone or some specific circles. To see photos of your friends which they have shared you need to add them to your circle.
Google+ Navbar
It is the same navigation bar which appears on home page but when you are logged in to your Google+ account it will also display an option to share information with your circles and it also displays notifications for your Google+ account.
Google+ is good for people who just want to stay connected with friends and family. If you want to join Google+ Visit Google Plus.


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