Monday, June 11, 2012

5 Funny Siri Videos That Will Make Your Day

Start off your week with an interesting assortment of online clips mocking the personal voice assistant. 

 Siri, the personal voice assistant that has been a part of the iPhone since version 4S (and iOS 5), has been an object of ridicule more than that of admiration. This is not a surprise, because the programme has been known to make a lot of blunders, and often gives out witty responses to user queries. In this age of online video sharing, quite a few users have uploaded funny videos involving Siri, to share their joy with others. We have sampled a few such videos that will surely make you smile, and give a great start to your week.

In this first video, the user asks Siri some really dark questions such as looking for a bridge to jump off from, and how to hide a body. Siri is programmed to be an obedient assistant, and it obliges in its own manner.

 Siri is known to mess up when pit against any accent other than American English, as we found out ourselves. This next video put Siri up against a few accents to find out how well it fares. Understandably, the robotic assistant comes up with some witty responses.

Actress Zooey Deschanel (yes, the Manic Pixie Dream Girl), along with a few other celebrities, have starred in Apple commercials to show how useful and brilliant Siri is. The Conan O'Brien Team Coco site has posted a parody of her commercial that makes you realise how people can ask Siri really dumb questions. The thing to watch out here, is how Siri gets back at such people in its own humorous way.

The user in this next video apparently gives Siri a cookie with a few "home-grown ingredients". Take a look at how Siri responds, when it gets high.

We leave you with this really awesome video that was not made by Michael Bay. Siri reveals its psychotic side, as it does a mix of Eagle Eye and Transformers. The video will change the way you think about the apparent artificial intelligence aspect of Siri:


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