Monday, June 11, 2012

Encyclopaedia Britannica Fuels Microsoft's Bing Searches

Offers concise summaries for select search terms, but does not show up as a featured result. 

Microsoft has tied up with Encyclopaedia Britannica to make its Bing search result more relevant and knowledge-heavy. With this move, the search engine will feature summaries of topics from the Encyclopaedia for some of its search results. Bing users can now see a small box in the search results that sums up facts about the said topic. It also provides links to other reference sources such as Wikipedia, Qwiki, and Freebase.
However, reports further suggest that this feature doesn’t pop up for every search term. The Britannica summary box appears like a regular search result, and isn't highlighted like a featured result. In fact, it doesn’t even appear as a top result.
Considering that Britannica has stopped its print edition earlier this year, this move will surely boost its popularity. Having said that, since it seems like Microsoft is trying to compete with Google's knowledge graph service; it definitely has a long way to go before tasting success.



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