Friday, June 15, 2012

Download: Flickr Browser (Windows Phone)

Access your Flickr stream and upload high-quality photos taken via the in-app camera feature. 

Download: Flickr Browser (Windows Phone)
Photography lovers who own a Windows Phone can now access their Flickr accounts from their smartphones using the Flickr Browser. The app is already available on the iOS and Android platforms. Once installed, you can browse high resolution pictures through the app's touch-optimised navigation and upload images to your Flickr account with the in-app uploader. You can also share photos with through email, Twitter, and Facebook among other platforms. The app also lets you add titles, descriptions, comments, and tags, along with changing privacy settings with ease.
You can check out pictures from other users' Flickr stream via the Explore module. The app enables you to take high-quality photos from the in-app camera as well. It offers the ability to pin Live Tiles to your Home Screen for direct access to the in-app camera.

Developer: Yahoo!
Size: <1 MB
Price: Rs 70
Platform: Windows Phone
Download link:



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